Black Desert Online Launches in a Month: Why We Care

Daum Games recently announced that Black Desert Online (BDO) launches on March 3, 2016, and we’re very interested. There seems to be an endless stream of westernized MMOs launching these days, but this one caught our attention for a few reasons:

  • A parkour system, which has been compared to Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed, allowing players to climb, explore, and interact with the environment.
  • A weather system that includes large scale events like typhoons that will influence game play. Also, seasonal changes and traveling to other climates will require equipment adjustments as cold weather will impact a characters statistics.
  • A day/night cycle that provides different game content for an area depending on the time of day. We’re hoping for some old-school ‘fear the night’ a la EverQuest Kithicor Forest type of stuff here.
  • Player housing… yeah, it’s instanced but we still love player housing.
  • An active combat system that requires aiming, dodging and combinations.
  • Mounts! Wait, mounts are are in like almost every MMO… but in BDO you tame your mount in the wild, breed special ones, and they require feeding and care and they cannot be stored in your inventory. There’s mounted combat, and your mount can be killed.
  • End game seems to be mostly about Guild vs Guild PvP over nodes. But if that’s not something you’re into, never fear, there’s supposed to be tons of quests for the PvEness, and probably some other stuff.

Black Desert Online has also launched the game’s character creation mode as a free standalone download. You can create your character and use them in beta (if applicable) and eventually port them over to the full game… which is good because even just speeding through it, I was creating my character for about an hour. Be aware that the download is substantial (22GB!), but if you enjoy character creation, or if you just don’t want to spend precious head-start/launch day time doing it, it’s worth it. You can download the character creator here:


The internet has been very busy making and posting pictures of created characters, from celebrity lookalikes to just horrifying messes, which are sometimes both, and Black Desert is giving the best and worst a reward in their “Beauty and the Beast” Black Desert Character Creator event. Which has been running since January 26th and goes until February 5th. My creation doesn’t seem to stand out as either, but you still have time to enter and you can find the details here:

Black Desert is an upcoming sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game by developer, Pearl Abyss. Black Desert has previously released in Korea, Japan, and Russia under a free-to-play model, but is releasing in Europe and North America using a buy-to-play model. Pre-orders are still available until February 26th. You can also still sign up for the second Closed Beta Test, set to begin on February 18th.


Thank You!


Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help in getting our custom URLs for our YouTube and Google+ pages. This allows us to have an easy-to-remember web address for those sites and unifying internet identification across multiple social medias. We were able to choose from URL options based on our display name after meeting a few requirements. Our account had to be in good standing, be at least 30 days old, have an uploaded channel icon and channel art, and we had to link and verify our official webpage with both Google+ and YouTube. Those were the easy things that we could handle ourselves. The final eligibility requirement is where you all came in and helped out. We needed to have 100 or more subscribers on YouTube. When we asked for your help in meeting this requirement, we had less than half of that amount. We didn’t expect so much support so quickly. We are thankful to have so many supportive friends like you!

Our new YouTube URL:

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[Neverwinter] …and your little dog companion, too!


It happens almost annually that the holidays throw my gaming playlist into a whirlwind. Like Dorothy, I ride the twister from the daily routine of what I know I want to play and I’m dropped like a house into a land of colorful new horizons. The problem arises as sensory overload kicks in. It becomes apparent that there’s simply too many gaming opportunities at my disposal and weeks later I’m lost, wondering why I’m wearing some woman’s shoes and just wanting to find a yellow brick road to follow.

Sometimes I only need a nudge. Or is it more like the jingling of keys? Either way, I just need someone to suggest a game that I hadn’t considered. That gem that I may have thought from time to time might be a good one to revisit but I already had a path. This time, the suggestion came from friend and co-host Zeli as she started playing Neverwinter again.

It’s one of those games that I couldn’t recall why I stopped playing. But to be honest, that’s most MMOs for me these days. I leave them alone long enough and anything that bothered me about them seems to become a minor complaint. It’s almost as if after spending time in the Land of Oz, I’m happy to be back to whichever home I decide to call home.

At least until the next tornado comes.

Reloading our Roots

Some of you already know that The MMO Show is not our first podcast. We started with CoTCast, a Warhammer Online focused show named after our guild, Circle of Trust. We also did a Guild Wars 2 focused show called RavenKast, named after the GW2 guild we were in at the time, Ravenkin. And our longest running podcast, Multiplaying, was a multigaming & geek entertainment show that focused on the activities of our online gaming community of the same name.

Until now, these shows have remained available in audio format, but the hosting expires this month and we have decided not to renew. In order to preserve our recorded ramblings, we’ve begun uploading them to our old Multiplaying YouTube channel. We’ll also be highlighting them on our current YouTube channel for The MMO Show. We’re still in the process of uploading episodes but if you’d ever like to visit, or revisit, our roots, and maybe gain some understanding of those weird inside jokes we share with our longtime listeners, you can do so via the following playlists:


About our MMO Scenery Playlist on YouTube

We’ve recently started an MMO Scenery playlist on our YouTube channel and you may have seen some of these upload updates via twitter and google+ and wondered what we’re doing. We’re going to be using this for our show, to play on the screen while we’re talking about MMOs.  We focus on being an audio podcast, so this is simply a small enhancement for those people who watch our podcast, either live or on YouTube. It won’t be pivotal to the show, which is why we’ve chosen to use scenery from MMOs, rather than action scenes that could distract from our conversation. We’ve only just started collecting them, but if you want to see what we’re talking about, you can check out the playlist here:


We’re going to use our YouTube channel to save show elements like this, share some of our game play sessions, save video clips for blog posts, and of course, post our podcast (and include the video of it as often as we can). Although we have no plans to center on video content, if you’d like a little more of The MMO Show in your life, subscribing to our YouTube channel could be a good way to get it.

MMOre Gift Coupons

A couple of requests came in after sharing our World of Warcraft gift coupon creation yesterday, so these are for those of you who would like to print gift coupons for MMOs other than WoW, we’ve got:

Animal Jam


Click the link, save, and print: animaljam-xmascard


Elder Scrolls Online


Click the link, save, and print: teso-xmascard


Guild Wars 2


Click the link, save, and print: gw2-xmascard


NOTE: You will actually have to make the purchase once the recipient of the card redeems their coupon with you. This card does not reserve/order anything. It’s just a festive way of saying I.O.U. to the recipient.

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Legion Gift Card

Sometimes you want to give the gift of online gaming, but you also want to give, you know, something to open. Such a problem existed for our dear Brent Copeland who wanted to gift World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion, to his son, but it’s not possible to actually gift in WoW’s system. Taking matters into his own hands, he created this lovely gift card, which he’s been kind enough to share with the world. For those of you in the same situation: Save, Print, Give, Enjoy!


Click the link, save, and print: wow-xmascard


NOTE: You will actually have to preorder/purchase the expansion for the recipient of the card. This card does not reserve/order anything. It’s just a festive way of saying I.O.U. to the recipient. Don’t have access to that certain special someone’s Blizzard account? Wrap that sweet, hand-crafted gift card around a really real gift card (available at most large chain retailers) or enclose a Store Gift Card Balance Digital Code from Amazon.

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[Guild Wars 2] Not on the Brahamwagon Yet

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns…. Thrones….no, right the first time… Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is a mere 2 months from release, ladies and gentlemen. TWO MONTHS! My excitement should be palpable. I should literally be able to taste the adrenaline pumping through my body. But… nothing. While the slow boil of new content hype could sway me into preordering as the date draws ever closer, I’m currently just anxious to see what happens and curious as to how the final product is received.

But as a massive fan of Guild Wars 2 I keep asking myself “why?” Why is it I’ve not given the team at Arena Net my money? There’s part of me that realizes the amount of time I’ve soaked into the game. I look at how much money I’ve spent for that time and I think, “well, even with my gem store purchases, I’ve not even come close to spending what I would have with a subscription based MMO.” So I should totally reward them!

Then, there’s the other part of me who is a tightwad.

There’s also the fact that I’m someone who has been burned by preordering numerous bad games. Ladies and gentlemen, I preordered Brink. Brink should have been titled Broke as it launched that way and it was also the game that broke me of my preordering habits*.

So back to the “why” question.

I’m a self-proclaimed sucker for new mechanics and areas to explore. Heart of Thorns has one of these two carrots dangling at sticks length in front of me with the new elite specializations. To make that carrot look even more delectable, the two classes I’ve loved the most in Guild Wars 2 (the Ranger and the Necromancer) are also the classes that are getting the two elite specializations I’m the most interested in playing (the Druid and the Reaper). It’s like they were meant to be for me. Yet my hand still isn’t going for my wallet.

It’s the (probable) lack of exploration that’s my biggest hangup. Heart of Thorns looks to add a ton to the game in numerous ways. It’s the lack of a grandiose scale that has me holding out. Yeah, there looks to be some neat verticality to explore, so maybe once the expansion is released I’ll be shown how wrong I am.  I just can’t help but think back to what got me excited for the core game. When that first video for Guild Wars 2 was shown off we saw sweeping expanses and massive structures torn from the painted canvases of the concept art. It was so glorious I wept**.

I’m not getting those feelings right now. Not yet. But I hope they come back.

*for the most part.

**KIDDING!……. nah, you got me… it was majestic.

The MMO Show is a part of TGEN!

We’re happy to announce that The MMO Show is a part of The Gaming and Entertainment Network (TGEN).


TGEN is a nexus of gaming and geekery podcasting greatness, including shows like Aggrochat, Battle Bards, Beyond Bossfights, Cat Context, Contains Moderate Peril, Couch Podtatoes, and more. Their commitment to supporting those in the podcasting and gaming entertainment community combined with an honest and fun atmosphere in each show, made joining TGEN an easy decision for us. We look forward to being a part of the network and encourage you to give each of the shows a listen.

And if clicking on and subbing to all of those individually seems like a lot of work, don’t worry! They have this super handy dandy way to subscribe all of the shows at once: iTunes . Stitcher . RSS