Black Desert Online Launches in a Month: Why We Care

Daum Games recently announced that Black Desert Online (BDO) launches on March 3, 2016, and we’re very interested. There seems to be an endless stream of westernized MMOs launching these days, but this one caught our attention for a few reasons:

  • A parkour system, which has been compared to Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed, allowing players to climb, explore, and interact with the environment.
  • A weather system that includes large scale events like typhoons that will influence game play. Also, seasonal changes and traveling to other climates will require equipment adjustments as cold weather will impact a characters statistics.
  • A day/night cycle that provides different game content for an area depending on the time of day. We’re hoping for some old-school ‘fear the night’ a la EverQuest Kithicor Forest type of stuff here.
  • Player housing… yeah, it’s instanced but we still love player housing.
  • An active combat system that requires aiming, dodging and combinations.
  • Mounts! Wait, mounts are are in like almost every MMO… but in BDO you tame your mount in the wild, breed special ones, and they require feeding and care and they cannot be stored in your inventory. There’s mounted combat, and your mount can be killed.
  • End game seems to be mostly about Guild vs Guild PvP over nodes. But if that’s not something you’re into, never fear, there’s supposed to be tons of quests for the PvEness, and probably some other stuff.

Black Desert Online has also launched the game’s character creation mode as a free standalone download. You can create your character and use them in beta (if applicable) and eventually port them over to the full game… which is good because even just speeding through it, I was creating my character for about an hour. Be aware that the download is substantial (22GB!), but if you enjoy character creation, or if you just don’t want to spend precious head-start/launch day time doing it, it’s worth it. You can download the character creator here:


The internet has been very busy making and posting pictures of created characters, from celebrity lookalikes to just horrifying messes, which are sometimes both, and Black Desert is giving the best and worst a reward in their “Beauty and the Beast” Black Desert Character Creator event. Which has been running since January 26th and goes until February 5th. My creation doesn’t seem to stand out as either, but you still have time to enter and you can find the details here:

Black Desert is an upcoming sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game by developer, Pearl Abyss. Black Desert has previously released in Korea, Japan, and Russia under a free-to-play model, but is releasing in Europe and North America using a buy-to-play model. Pre-orders are still available until February 26th. You can also still sign up for the second Closed Beta Test, set to begin on February 18th.


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