[Neverwinter] …and your little dog companion, too!


It happens almost annually that the holidays throw my gaming playlist into a whirlwind. Like Dorothy, I ride the twister from the daily routine of what I know I want to play and I’m dropped like a house into a land of colorful new horizons. The problem arises as sensory overload kicks in. It becomes apparent that there’s simply too many gaming opportunities at my disposal and weeks later I’m lost, wondering why I’m wearing some woman’s shoes and just wanting to find a yellow brick road to follow.

Sometimes I only need a nudge. Or is it more like the jingling of keys? Either way, I just need someone to suggest a game that I hadn’t considered. That gem that I may have thought from time to time might be a good one to revisit but I already had a path. This time, the suggestion came from friend and co-host Zeli as she started playing Neverwinter again.

It’s one of those games that I couldn’t recall why I stopped playing. But to be honest, that’s most MMOs for me these days. I leave them alone long enough and anything that bothered me about them seems to become a minor complaint. It’s almost as if after spending time in the Land of Oz, I’m happy to be back to whichever home I decide to call home.

At least until the next tornado comes.


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