Reloading our Roots

Some of you already know that The MMO Show is not our first podcast. We started with CoTCast, a Warhammer Online focused show named after our guild, Circle of Trust. We also did a Guild Wars 2 focused show called RavenKast, named after the GW2 guild we were in at the time, Ravenkin. And our longest running podcast, Multiplaying, was a multigaming & geek entertainment show that focused on the activities of our online gaming community of the same name.

Until now, these shows have remained available in audio format, but the hosting expires this month and we have decided not to renew. In order to preserve our recorded ramblings, we’ve begun uploading them to our old Multiplaying YouTube channel. We’ll also be highlighting them on our current YouTube channel for The MMO Show. We’re still in the process of uploading episodes but if you’d ever like to visit, or revisit, our roots, and maybe gain some understanding of those weird inside jokes we share with our longtime listeners, you can do so via the following playlists:



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