The MMO Show 13: The All Star Dairy – FFXIV, GW2, and talk about strange hair…

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Show Notes

Another mid-week podcast release means that those who caught the live stream are like in a crazy exclusive club. So, if you care about the timeliness of the show’s content, catch us every Friday night at 9pm EST on twitch. But seriously… we need to get on top of editing these things faster… or get an unpaid intern to do it for us…

I mean… this isn’t rocket science. It’s barely any science. It’s like those “my first science lab” kits you’d get as a kid. Except we can’t even turn water a different color… I mean… unless you count urine. So yeah… we’re like a science lab kit for kids.

Where was I going with this? Just…. I guess tell your friends and people who you maybe don’t care for but you think they might like our brand of podcast. Then we can get a paid intern to edit the show.

Playing as life allows… The MMO Show is a gaming podcast attempting to focus on MMORPGs, but prone to extreme tangents.

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