[Guild Wars 2] Not on the Brahamwagon Yet

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns…. Thrones….no, right the first time… Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is a mere 2 months from release, ladies and gentlemen. TWO MONTHS! My excitement should be palpable. I should literally be able to taste the adrenaline pumping through my body. But… nothing. While the slow boil of new content hype could sway me into preordering as the date draws ever closer, I’m currently just anxious to see what happens and curious as to how the final product is received.

But as a massive fan of Guild Wars 2 I keep asking myself “why?” Why is it I’ve not given the team at Arena Net my money? There’s part of me that realizes the amount of time I’ve soaked into the game. I look at how much money I’ve spent for that time and I think, “well, even with my gem store purchases, I’ve not even come close to spending what I would have with a subscription based MMO.” So I should totally reward them!

Then, there’s the other part of me who is a tightwad.

There’s also the fact that I’m someone who has been burned by preordering numerous bad games. Ladies and gentlemen, I preordered Brink. Brink should have been titled Broke as it launched that way and it was also the game that broke me of my preordering habits*.

So back to the “why” question.

I’m a self-proclaimed sucker for new mechanics and areas to explore. Heart of Thorns has one of these two carrots dangling at sticks length in front of me with the new elite specializations. To make that carrot look even more delectable, the two classes I’ve loved the most in Guild Wars 2 (the Ranger and the Necromancer) are also the classes that are getting the two elite specializations I’m the most interested in playing (the Druid and the Reaper). It’s like they were meant to be for me. Yet my hand still isn’t going for my wallet.

It’s the (probable) lack of exploration that’s my biggest hangup. Heart of Thorns looks to add a ton to the game in numerous ways. It’s the lack of a grandiose scale that has me holding out. Yeah, there looks to be some neat verticality to explore, so maybe once the expansion is released I’ll be shown how wrong I am.  I just can’t help but think back to what got me excited for the core game. When that first video for Guild Wars 2 was shown off we saw sweeping expanses and massive structures torn from the painted canvases of the concept art. It was so glorious I wept**.

I’m not getting those feelings right now. Not yet. But I hope they come back.

*for the most part.

**KIDDING!……. nah, you got me… it was majestic.


One comment

  1. Im glad im not the only person thinking this, i have to agree with you for the most part, there doesnt seem to be ‘enough’ to warrant that preorder even though like yourself ima GW2 fanatic. Is it possibly coming to an end do you think? Ifind myself getting bored and when the thought of new content doesnt even hype me up I think its time for something new. Urs.


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